How do I get started?

Check out a demo of our platform at impress3d.com/demo.

To sign up, please visit the "Signup" link at the top of the page and provide a valid NPI to get started. Once you've signed up, you'll be redirected to your patient directory. You must first add your location, then you can begin to add patients.

To begin a case, each patient must include an assessment and scans (or impressions). Upon selecting a patient, you will be guided to the assessment. Once you've completed the assessment, you will be prompted to upload or capture photos and scans. Once we've received the full case, we'll provide a 3D design for your review and approval. Once approved, you'll be prompted to complete the order. We'll ship your order as soon as it's ready.

What should I use to make adjustments to an Impress3D flexible partial denture?

Flexible partials are made from thermoplastic materials and should be handled differently from conventional dental acrylics. Bullet shaped green stones work well on a low speed handpiece as do many thermoplastic adjustment kits available from a wide range of dental suppliers.

Which cleaners should be used with flexible partial dentures from Impress3D?

Because of the unique nature of the thermoplastic materials used in flexible partials, conventional tablets and store bought denture cleansers are not very effective solutions. Impress3D has specially developed cleansers for our partial dentures and can be purchased online here.

Can Impress3D flexible partials be repaired/relined?

Though there are several processes that can be used to repair a flexible partial denture from Impress3D, we have found that it is more convenient and cost-effective to reprint and send a duplicate denture to your patients. We can even add teeth and clasps to previously designed dentures so that your patient never has to go without their teeth!

Can I order a flexible partial denture with a metal frame combo?

In our experience there are very few cases that would require the use of a metal subframe in combination with a flexible partial denture, and so we do not offer flexible/metal combination partials at this time.

Is the appliance under warranty?

Yes! Flexible partials from Impress3D warranty that the denture base will not break or fracture for the lifetime of the appliance (assuming normal use). Denture teeth may wear over time under normal use. General workmanship and tooth bonding issues are covered for six months from the date of purchase.

How can I order impression kits from Impress3D?

Impression kits, samples, cleanser and more are available here.

How long should a patient wear their partial denture for?

Flexible partials from Impress3D are meant to be worn throughout the day including while eating, drinking and most importantly, smiling! We do recommend taking the appliance out at night and when a patient is brushing their natural teeth and gums.

Does Impress3D produce wax rims for bite registrations?

Impress3D does not produce wax bite rims like a traditional denture lab. Instead, we recommend capturing the bite registration using impression putty in a triple tray. This can be taken along with final impressions in a single appointment using our recommended impression techniques.